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Al-log-ator scare on Hamilton

Log Sighting- Photo provided by Ark. Game and Fish

A recent photo circulating on social media about an alleged alligator sighting in Lake Hamilton on Tuesday is actually a log, Arkansas Game and Fish spokesman Keith Stephens told The Post on Wednesday.

That being said, if it were an actual alligator sighting, people should not worry because they are common in Arkansas, Stephens said.

With the lake often having heavy boat traffic an alligator sighting outside of a cove would be usual, but not unheard of.

However, even in coves, Stephens said there is still nothing to "really to worry about," and that calls of alligator sightings are common every summer.

"If it's coming up in your yard or something like that then make sure you don't feed them, that's the main issue we have, is people end up feeding them think they're pets," he said. "They're wild animals; they get use to that, and come back again, and maybe they're a little bit more aggressive if you're not there or you don't feed them or something like that, so the best thing is to treat them like a wild animal, admire them from a far.

"If they become a pest, you start seeing them in the same area just let us know, and we can come out and try to catch it (and relocate it)."

Alligators are native to Arkansas, especially in the southern half of the state, but they have been sighted statewide.

There are so many alligators that Arkansas Game and Fish actually hold an alligator hunting season in September.

"If you see them in an area, and keep seeing there, just let us know (and) stay away from them," Stephens reiterated.

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