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Downtown officers raise money to gift two vehicle-less commuters bikes for the holidays


Downtown Officer Sam Spencer has observed two men commuting miles to work without a vehicle for the past few years, and is now raising money to surprise them with brand new bikes for the holidays.

"There's two gentleman that, religiously, they walk to work or ride a small bike to work. One of the works at the McDonald's by the mall, and the other one works at the McDonald's on Crawford and Central," Spencer said. "We're wanting to try to give them some decent bicycles they can ride to and from work, because they go no matter the weather and they're always respectful of the laws and never give us a hard time. So we're trying to get them a couple of nice bicycles and some gear."

Having been a downtown bike officer for the past 10 years, Spencer said he has observed the men for years.

"One of them had his bike stolen, so he has a little BMX bike, and that's a lot of work to go from way over there to here, so we want to get both of them a decent bike," he said, adding that the more money raised, the nicer bikes and gear like bike locks and bags they will be able to afford.

To donate to the bike fund, visit the police station located at 641 Malvern Ave. and tell the dispatchers available you wish to donate to the bike fund run by Officer Sam Spencer.

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