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Free shuttle service by Oaklawn to ease downtown parking, spread out tourists

Free Shuttle Service

Starting tomorrow (April 15, 2022), Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort will provide a free shuttle service, taking people from its resort to downtown Hot Springs's Exchange Street Parking Deck from 10:45 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

The shuttle service is designed to spread out tourists while simultaneously easing excess parking in downtown.

When guests arrive to Oaklawn, they will see multiple advertisements for downtown merchants. (Email to get your business advertised at Oaklawn.) When tourists walk downtown, they will cross sandwich signs advertising Oaklawn along the sidewalks.

Oaklawn has planned to conduct the service since the completion of its expansion last April.

During a May 2021 Downtown Association meeting, Oaklawn General Manager Wayne Smith said Oaklawn wants its visitors to come and experience its resort, but to also experience the rest of Hot Springs while visiting. He described Hot Springs and its amenities as Oaklawn's "competitive edge."

For more information on the shuttle service, click here.

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