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Get your aura captured in a colorful portrait at The Parlour this weekend

Word of the day: Aura (pronounced or-uh)

1. A distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source. ...

3. An energy field that is held to emanate from a living being.

4. A luminous radiation.

Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Aura. In dictionary. Retrieved April 24, 2022, from

Photo provided by Happy Aura

After years of inquiries from locals about aura photography — an uncommon art to come by in Arkansas — Amy Davis, owner of the metaphysical shop The Parlour, will have Happy Aura come photograph the human energy field this Saturday.

In a pop-up event held at The Parlour, 340 Ouachita Ave. Ste. C, participants will spend about 15 minutes getting their portrait made and aura read from it. Significant others and animals* are welcome for the portraits. Limited spots are available. Appointments are suggested, and can be made here.

An aura is the electromagnetic field created by a person, place or thing. According to Adobe, aura photography is a way to translate auras into the physical world. All you need is an aura camera, two hand plates, a dark background and a dark space to shoot in. You can then record and display the electromagnetic energy that comes off a person’s body, and transform those readings into a beautiful, eye-catching portrait. "Your aura is based on how you feel in the moment, so if you get another aura image taken a year later, or even 15 minutes later, it will look different," Adobe says.

Some spiritual beliefs hold that auras can be read. Clairvoyants review the image produced, pointing to what each color may mean for that individual. But regardless of what any one person's belief is behind aura reading, it's undeniable the result of an aura captured is beautiful:

Photo provided by Happy Aura

Photo provided by Happy Aura

Photo provided by Happy Aura

*Animals have to be able to sit on you without being restrained. Your hands will be needed for the aura reading.

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