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Let the voting begin

Campaign signs have decorated the town for weeks, and now early voting has finally arrived.

At just 52 percent of participants in 2020, Arkansas has one of the lowest voting rates in the country. Early voting, beginning Oct. 24, is encouraged to help "beat the line" come Nov. 8.

This election has much skin in the game on a local level, but perhaps the hottest contest is between Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) and Chris Jones (D) for governor. If Sanders is elected she will be the first woman governor of Arkansas. If Jones is elected he will be the first Black governor of Arkansas.

Besides a historical norm being ruptured with either party's win, a Republican or Democratic governor could greatly contribute to the future of hot-button issues in the current polarized political climate. Namely, the fate of the furthered outcome in the overturning of Roe V. Wade earlier this year that has made Arkansas one of 13 states banning most abortions. This unique issue has grabbed the attention of nearly every Arkansan, with stances across the board regardless of political party preference.

Although a primarily "red state," in the past Arkansas has had significantly more Democratic governors than Republican governors. Matched with a history of low voter turnout, it will be curious to see how the current political climate may sway the vote.

Some feel sure in their predictions of who will be the next governor of Arkansas, and some find it to be unpredictable. Regardless: Vote.

For a sample ballot for Garland County, click here.

The county has multiple voting locations available.

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