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'Stranger Things' heads to Hot Springs

Hawkins Van

Following the release of volume one for its fourth season this month after a nearly three-year hiatus, the sci-fi Netflix Original Series "Stranger Things" has been all the buzz, with the second volume set to release tonight at midnight.

In the thick of all the hubbub, Hot Springs' annual Spa-Con Comics and Pop Culture Convention has not missed an opportunity to incorporate a little something for "Stranger Things" fanatics at its upcoming convention Sept. 23-25.

At the sixth annual convention held in the Hot Springs Convention Center, fans will have the opportunity to see the iconic Hawkins Power and Light van famously flipped by the telekinetic, Eggo-loving character Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, in season one.

“The ‘Hawkins van flip’ is one of the most iconic scenes in the ‘Stranger Things’ series,” Visit Hot Springs Marketing Director Bill Solleder said in a VHS news release. “Our acquiring of the van for Spa-Con 6.0 is especially cool because the final episodes of Season 4 of the series begin showing Friday (July 1)."

And this is not the first time fans of "Stranger Things" have had a reason to celebrate at Spa-Con.

“’Stranger Things’ fans celebrated the appearance at Spa-Con a couple of years ago by Shannon Purser, who played Barb in Seasons 1 and 2," Solleder said. "Those fans will have the chance this fall to see the Hawkins Power and Light van up close.”

In addition to the vehicle from the current pop-culture sensation, Spa-Con has also managed to land the famous 1967 Chevrolet Impala that was an integral part of Warner Bros. “Supernatural” series, also available on Netflix.

The Impala

According to the VHS news release, Dean Winchester's Impala plays a major role in “Supernatural,” which follows the Winchester brothers as they investigate supernatural happenings across the country.

Both vehicles will be available for photo ops on the Spa-Con Expo Floor, and are provided by the Celebrity Car Museum.

In other Spa-Con happenings, three noted actors have signed on as celebrity guests for the convention: Lori Petty, Beau Billingslea and Mark Rolston. The three will be available for meet and greets and Q&A's.

The convention will also hold a Showdown Smash Bros. Video Game Tournament.

For Spa-Con tickets, click here.

Weekend pass ticket prices for those who register before July 23 are $25. The price goes up $10 between July 23 and Sept. 23. There are also 100 VIP passes available for $100 until July 23. The VIP passes go up $25 between July 23 and Sept. 22. VIP passes purchased on Sept. 23 are $150.

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