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WATCH: VOV held at Cedar Glades over the rainy weekend deemed a success

Music by Crush Diamond

For the first time ever, the 17th Annual Valley of the Vapors was held outdoors at Cedar Glades Park over the rainy weekend. But despite the rain, the independent music festival's coordinator Sonny Kay said the turnout was easily 2-3 times the attendance of the most successful nights in the past.

"We are all so pleased with how this weekend went," Kay said.

"The feedback we’ve received from literally everyone — audience and bands alike — has been overwhelmingly positive," he continued. "People seemed thrilled to have something new to experience and also to get to enjoy specifically Cedar Glades that way."

Kay said the are "definitely going to try" and do more events at the park.

"My favorite part has been experiencing the different reactions from people who were surprised by how we transformed the space or who’d never set foot in the park before," he said.

"Also, the stage decor was designed by Clayton Blackstock and Heather Harris and I’m not exaggerating when I say every single person I spoke to commented on how beautiful it was and that was very fulfilling because I could not agree more. What they did was breathtaking."

The festival had numerous artistic vendors and workshops setup on-site, as well as yoga, rock wall climbing and an air show. Even in between musical performances, there wasn't a dull moment of this two-day festival held on Friday and Saturday.

Get a glimpse of the festival:

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